Friday, January 22, 2010

I am proud to be a Gunner!!!

20-21 January 2010

19 January kui 9 mlm,1 new msg from Aerlingus...flight ke london kiteorg cancel..sbb?????due to industrial action by overpaid and underworked air traffic controllers in Ireland..So dieorg pakat2 nk wat strike...Dowhh!!! ari yg aku nk p tgk match, ari tu lah dieorg nk berstrike!!!! Sakit ati mlm tu, tp finally dpt gk tiket, no need to pay just kene wake up pepagi bute untuk dptkan flight ke london..kui 640 pg 20 January our tiket..
20 January kui 5 ptg, kiteorg dh otw ke Emirates...jalan kaki je sbb dekat ngan hotel yg kiteorg tido..peghh!!! semangat dh semakin membuak2 dh ni...:) tepat kui 7 mlm, baru dpt masuk stadium...humang aii....besh words can describe our feeling at that time...bile match dh start, lagi kiteorg bersebelahan ngan bolton fans..dieorg kene kutuk kaw2nye..hahaha..the best seat ever.
Arsenal battled back from 2-0 down to beat Bolton and go top of the Barclays Premier League. Owen Coyle's men - beaten 2-0 by the Gunners on Sunday - took a shock lead on seven minutes through Gary Cahill and Matthew Taylor doubled the advantage from the penalty spot.
However, Arsenal rallied through Tomas Rosicky's strike before half-time, with Cesc Fabregas and then Thomas Vermaelen turning things around before Andrey Arshavin netted a fourth to take the Gunners above Chelsea on goals scored.

 I am proud to be a Gunner!!! Awesome game and even awesome atmosphere at the Emirates :)






Nae kalu boleh die nk berlari 1 stadium ni..hehehe


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