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Malaysian rock legends Search are coming to Ireland and the UK.

Malaysian rock legends Search are coming to Ireland and the UK. (

The band Search was created in 1981 by five Malaysian youths, who started off playing their particular brand of rock music in a number of clubs around Kuala Lumpur. To date, the band has released 18 studio albums and participated in numerous best-selling compilation albums. Their songs have also been included in a number of Malaysian as well as Indonesian movies and television dramas. One of their all-time classics, Isabella, has over fifteen cover versions in numerous languages.
Search has also made tracks in the international music scene. Their debut English single, “Feel the Pain” made the Top 10 in the Netherlands, a significant achievement for a Malaysian artiste. Their “Live in Planet Hollywood” album was, in 2008, voted into Malaysia’s Top 20 biggest selling albums – local and international - no mean feat for a band 28 years in the business!
Throughout the band’s history, Search has garnered a host of distinguished awards, particularly in the areas of Best Song/Performance/Band and Vocals, often in consecutive years. Among the awards, there have been a number of illustrious achievements. These included Search winning the Best Group, Album, Rock Vocalist and Song Awards from the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in 1990 as well as the Best International Artiste Award from HDX Indonesia. A year later, Search participated in the New Music Seminar held in New York, representing Asia as a guest performer.
To date, Search continues to notch up success after success, selling-out concerts throughout Malaysia and maintaining their lead in the country’s rock music industry. The band has garnered a dedicated and consistent following among many Malaysians worldwide, one that seems only to grow in strength year-on-year.

The "Search Live in UK & Ireland" tour will include very special guest artiste, Hujan, who will perform their award-winning alternative-rock repertoire prior to Search taking the stage. Formed in 2006, the current bestselling indie band on the Malaysian music scene, have come a long way from their humble but ambitious beginnings, preforming small gigs and conducting their own after-show sales of their debut album, "Hujan". Having performed a small tour in the UK in 2008, this year will mark a much-anticipated return of the band to the region.
The concerts also will be opened by a fantastic Irish-grown music act, Dub Apokalipto, who will get the ball rolling with their ingenious and high-energy “East Meets West” musical fusion. A finalist in Ireland’s Emergenza Festival 2009, Dub Apokalipto was formed by a group of budding Malaysian musicians in Dublin and has gained popularity, especially among the wider Malaysian audience in Dublin. In 2011, Dub Apokalipto will achieve its second major milestone when it becomes the first Malaysian band to release an album in Europe.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Button Factory,
Curved Street, Temple Bar,
Dublin, Ireland

Huh..mesti best terlepas, x p city ari ni, kalu x mst dpt jumpe band hujan..ade kawan dpt jumpe band hujan kat city, arrgghhh sedikit rase pikir balik pon, alah aku ni pon bukannye kipas susah mati sgt pon dgn band2 ni, suke gitu2 je..nk suke kaw2 xdelah sgt..boleh la layan..xhard core.hehehe...konsert selase ni, tiket xtau bape hinggit...memandangkan duit lam bank yg tinggal sedikit + U*** pon xmasokkn duit lagi, jadi xyahlah p....jimat duit boleh wat p alan2 Europe..hehehehe
Ari ni dear masak Nasi Goreng Seafood..Yummyy!!!! petang nye plak aku wat karipap..1st time in my life aku wat karipap..selalu tolong mak dok kelim tepi kulit die je, la ni tadi, aku wat semuanye sendiri, dari dough die sampai ke inti...huh, alahamdulillah menjadi..walaupon sedikit masin..hehehe.....
After makan karipap tu dear habaq 'die suke SPERA'   huh!!! Spera??? Kueh apakah itu, aku xpenah dgr, terus p  cr kat intenet....owwwhhhhh sepupu karipap  rupenye.cume bezenye inti die isi kelape....
ok dear, nnt kite try wat si SPERA plak eh....:)

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